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Sunrise Maternity Shoot - South Devon Coast

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Sunrise at Start Point in Devon with the beautiful Rebecca, Pablo, Luna and impressive 39 week old bump, who's now made it Earth Side as a beautiful baby boy! I have so much love and gratitude for this wonderful family, and Pablo himself is a true naturopathic warrior, with one of the most extraordinary tales of cancer survival I've ever heard of, which makes blessed moments like these, of motherhood, life, and a new dawn, all the more powerful...


Start Point at sunrise was cold and windy, but wow, just so worth it. We arrived at 5am, which for me meant leaving the house with two sleepy bubbas in tow at 4am. I'd packed the car up with duvets and breakfast and books, and the trusty iPad, hoping to placate them if necessary, but they surprised me with how much energy they mustered to stay awake and watch the sun rise. They were full of adventure vibes.

It really was a very magical morning, even just the drive to the shoot: the kids and I were the only car on the road for an hour, the dusk lightening to incredible pinks and the moon still bright and high in the sky while the birds all awoke with an incredible chorus. We saw deer and rabbits and pheasants, and every glimpse of sky was becoming increasingly breathtaking. It was so peaceful, and something about it felt so sacred... much like the moments before birth, the pause, the stillness.. the anticipation of something incredible coming...

How apt.

We arrived to a slither of red fire emerging from the sea.

As someone who is absolutely NOT a morning person - I found myself re-examining my priorities and wondering if I can make this a regular ritual... (side note: it’s a year on now and the answer is no haha).

I would say though that it looks a lot warmer than it was! Sunrise on a windy cliff top is cold af. These three were such super stars to not betray that to the camera at all!

Rebecca and little Luna wore beautiful flower crowns, perfectly designed by the ever talented Kat of Milli Fleur fame in Tavistock (if you're ever seeking a florist, she really is your girl!).

And lastly to learn more about Pablo's incredible and truly INSPIRATIONAL journey through cancer, and how he's beaten all the odds and astounding modern medicine with natural, holistic management and healing, click here for more info.

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