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C a p t u r e  t h e  L o v e

Engagement shoots, or CONNECTION SHOOTS, as I like to call them, are a very fun way to spend an hour or two, getting you used to having your photo taken before the big day, and allowing a little bit of creative expression that we might not get on the day. 

This is your chance to do something a little adventurous, potentially a little steamy (ok ok, I'm getting quite a reputation now for bringing out the raunchier sides of my couples, clearly, but it's not a necessity I promise lol!!), and most importantly capture the two of you exactly as you love to be - whether that's wild swimming, having a cuddle by a camp fire, a walk in the woods, or anything else you can imagine. It's a couple's shoot. A love shoot. A 'for you' shoot. It's not a boudoir shoot, although I do also offer those, and is usually outdoors - and usually around golden hour. 


The main ingredient, beyond adventure and freedom, is intimacy, and its one of my favourite shoots to do by far simply for the magic that seems to happen when there's just the two of you - every one of the couples you'll see below said they're camera shy, nervous and not hopefully that shows exactly how and why to go ahead with choosing me to put you at ease and get some photos that truly do you, and your connection,  justice! 

The other cool thing is we can pick the time, location and day, meaning we can almost guarantee the weather (or at least moreso than we can on a set wedding day!) and we can push timings to catch the perfect light... 

Available as part of your wedding package, or available to purchase separately - being engaged isn't actually essential, we can just call it a couples shoot, or connection shoot, and get you booked in! 

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