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Candid . Poetic . Cinematic . Yours.

What I Offer



Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to my wedding page!

I'm Hannah.  I'm a 33 year old wedding photographer living and loving in the idyllic Devon countryside, with my two daughters. My full time gig involves documenting the weddings of wildly-in-love and adventurous couples all over the UK (mostly between Devon, Cornwall and London), but I'm always happy to travel further afield.

(Now accepting Destination Weddings! Ahhhhh!)

I absolutely LOVE weddings - not just for the emotions of the day (literally, never a bad day at work guys!) but for the fact it allows me to blend editorial fashion photography with reportage, portraits, landscape, still life and travel... it has it all, and it's so out of my control in terms of styling, lighting and scenarios that it keeps me on my toes and means all my work is fresh, spontaneous and uniquely yours. Find out more about me here.


I shoot weddings digitally on the Sony A9 and, new for 2023, old school analogue film. Also new for 2023, I am scrapping my more conventional cinematic highlight reels and replacing them with genuine vintage Super 8mm films


As my career has progressed I have experienced a lot, and the things that keep me inspired and ignite my soul and make me excited to wake up and keep shooting, is ART, STORYTELLING, and LOVE. For me to really continue to grow and feel truly happy, I am delving deeper and deeper into the very aspects of photography and film that sparked my joy and enchanted my world in the first place. My heart has called me back in one way or another repeatedly over the years to the nostalgia, the imperfections, and the vintage timeless vibes of Kodak film; of those textured moments in time that are mesmerising, slow, deliberate, and breathtakingly honest. Of making every shutter press count for something. Whereas I used to edit my work to LOOK like film - from now on it really will be (or at least some of it will, depending on the packages my clients choose). 

The Super 8 films are still intended to be an add-on, a highlight reel, all shot on one roll of Super 8mm Kodak film throughout the day, on a vintage canon Super 8mm camera, and digitised by Cinelabs so you can upload and share them - but the overall idea is to capture that romantic, vintage vibe that simply can't be rivalled, and tell the story of your day in the simplest and most candid & poetic of ways.


Why Choose Me?

Aside from my artistic eye, relaxed style and magical offerings mentioned above you mean? Well... Yes, I have an invaluable wealth of experience after years of shooting hundreds of weddings, but more importantly, when you book me you know you're booking someone friendly and compassionate, with fresh ideas, courage to push the boundaries a little, an opinion that life is art and so are you, and that every wedding day is an opportunity to enchant the hearts and minds of generations to come. I approach every wedding with the upmost integrity and commitment to authentic, organic, soulfulcreativeinspired and beautiful photography that's unique to you and tells your story with authenticity and beauty.


Your wedding day may feel like it's all about the details, the venue, the food, the dress, the guests, and every tiny frill and spill, and those things are all incredibly important and I capture it all for you, but I firmly believe that no matter how big or small your wedding is, your day is about YOU. Your union. Your love. Your vows. And ensuring I capture your big day in its truest most authentic form is the service I provide you, every time, without fail.

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy: if photos were words I'd like to think I'm a poet, and in each and every photo I want the viewer to fall in love with you themselves and to connect with the love between you, in all its power, and with all its tenderness. My intention for myself is always to make THIS wedding my best ever work, and to produce a gallery of stunning images that speak to you and tell the story of your day perfectly (and I really DO spend the whole day - or days! - with you!), ensuring that every time you look at your photos it's like stepping back in time, reliving the magic of your incredible day.


Every story is unique, sacred, and should be revered, and every album I produce honours that - meaning no contrived, staid photos repeating throughout my work!! I'm happiest being spontaneous, and I'm always striving to go further, be greater, and create my best work to date with every new wedding I shoot.  I pride myself on producing the highest quality imagery and products, offering the absolute best service from start to finish, and always going above and beyond for my couples.


Lastly, I don't batch edit or use pre-determined filters, I don't cut corners and use cheap products or equipment, and I don't overload myself with work - ensuring that I produce the absolute best quality, individually editing every image, producing industry-beating luxury and locally sourced sustainable products, and offering a personable, bespoke service to every client, every time.

Meet The Team

Not only do I have an extensive back up network of photographers should there ever be a reason for me to not be able to make it on the big day - but I also have a dedicated team who I can call on whenever I need to, meaning I always have a Second Shooter to cover more of your wedding day.



Lauren is my main Second Shooter and Associate Photographer in the UK - so if ever I can't be there or you've asked for 2 photographers, she's my right hand woman and the one you're most likely to see. She's also a photography graduate and incredibly talented photographer in her own right.

Meet TheTeam
What Happens on the Day

What Happens on the Day?
This depends largely on YOU! Your plans, your hopes and dreams for the day, and your vibe. If you're very unconventional or a totally relaxed free spirit (yay!) then anything goes and we often go with the flow and become very spontaneous - but generally, there IS a bit of a regular routine to a wedding day, and so for 'most' weddings you'll find the schedule below may answer some of your questions and alleviate some of that pre-wedding anxiety... 
The Morni
The morning starts as early as you like (my earliest so far being 6.30am) but usually 2 hours before the ceremony works well, and I arrive with a smile and some reassurance for you amid all your nerves. We might have a coffee and a chat about how the day will unfold if you're needing a little time to relax and calm your nerves, or you might be in the throes of wedding preparations, in which case I immediately get to work! I float around, keeping out the way and observing the morning unfold, documenting the wedding prep, capturing the big and small details, and it's likely that I'll move your wedding dress to a more photogenic spot.
I am there with you all morning, but not in an annoying way - just quietly and respectfully capturing the moment for you.

The Ceremony:
I usually head off a little before you're due to go to the venue. This gives me time to capture the venue, and most importantly get some photos of your partner and family and friends looking nervous and excited while they all wait for you! 
I head out to photograph your arrival, and head back in to make sure I get the beautiful shots of you walking down the aisle, wherever that aisle may be, and it's fairly normal to then have a confetti throw afterwards and do some group photos before everyone disperses to get drinks. 

The Couples Shoot:
Most couples opt to go off for a couples shoot after the ceremony, which isn't as scary as it sounds! In fact this will probably be the only time during the day where you're able to just BE... alone, together, soaking up the moment, kissing and looking into one another eyes while I capture some intimate photos filled with romance, love, and lots of authentic emotion. And I do so in as 'unposed' a way as possible. I'm definitely not one for cheesy shots, and prefer to capture the moments when you're sharing a moment together and NOT staring at my lens! 

The Reception:
And then it's back to the reception, with drinks and food and celebrations galore.
I get a chance to sit down and have something to eat when you're all in the midst of your wedding dinner, mainly because no one likes being photographed while they eat! But I still make sure I get photos of the food being served, and of the speeches and cake cutting moments!  

I then stay as late as you like, for the live band or DJ, first dance, sparklers, fireworks, late night food truck arrival - whatever it may be, I don't just clock off once it's dark.

My Style

My Style

It may sound obvious, but I am a VERY visual person. I learn in a hands-on way, I love to immerse myself in a story - in a film, a book, a character, or the people that, on that day, I am blessed to call my muse. From a very early age I have been utterly mesmerised by cinema, and funnily enough I think in hindsight I can pin my overall visual inspiration down to 3 key films and couple of iconic photographs which absolutely enchanted me growing up, that I watched on repeat and that I had posters of on my wall (and I've created a blog post with more on this because when I realised this recently, I found it fascinating!). 

I am always seeking to tell a story, be authentic with that story, but also romanticise it poetically, so I like to capture movement and show that movement with a deliberately slow shutter, I like to use film for its grainy and imperfect honesty and artistry, and I like to try to convey how the moment FEELS, visually - not just how it looks, but to actually translate that into a feeling for the person looking at it in years to come. This means I am two things - an absolute hawk, noticing every minor thing and every interaction with almost X-ray vision, and also slow and deliberate, not missing a beat but also being calm, observant and selective of what I capture in a way akin to a writer would, sat quietly on a rainy day, typing on a typewriter the story of the exact way your hair moved in the wind as the love of your life kissed you... 


One thing is for certain and that's that your wedding day isn't my first rodeo. I shot 50 weddings in 2022 alone, and have been shooting weddings for over 5 years now, so where I used to be nervous, I am now calm and quietly confident. Having said that - the one thing I haven't managed to shake off is TOTAL emotional investment in you and your story, so if you see me crying behind my camera, which you probably will, don't worry - they're happy tears!


I also always 'joke' that I'm not just a wedding photographer/videographer - I'm also a wedding co-ordinator, manager, and occasional head bridesmaid or even groomsman (did I ever mention that time I arrived to utter bedlam and the groom gave me the task of being ring bearer?!) and these extra responsibilities are ones I naturally take on having 'seen it all before' and spent so much of my life these recent years fully immersed in such a variety of incredible, big, small, conventional and utterly wild wedding days.

Whether you want just me for a few hours to capture an elopement or a micro wedding, or whether you have a full day - or weekend - planned with a guest list to rival the Royal Wedding, every wedding is, in my eyes, about intimacy and connection, and that's what I will be spending my time on the day and afterwards in post-production, ensuring I have truly captured that for you. 

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