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Sabrina and Sam - Ash Barton Estate

In all my years doing weddings, this was one to beat.

I love how every wedding, despite the same basic details, is so so different every time. I never know what I’m gonna get, I have to stay SO creative and on my toes at all times, and I adore that. It’s challenging me on every level, from the locations and weather and shots I can get, through to the vibe between the couple and my general people skills.. it’s never boring. And gosh, boring is definitely the farthest thing from these guys’ vocabulary...

Not only were there so many bridesmaids I lost count, and laugher ricocheting off the million mirrors that adorn the halls of the Ash Barton Estate all morning, but Sabrina was SO up for anything I suggested that I spent most of the day doing little happy dances..! (As did she!) A spontaneous bridal boudoir session was absolute FIRE, the ceremony was STUNNING, I’ve never seen so many people crammed into the chapel (or any other chapel since), and the whole vibe was pure rowdy riotous celebration.

The wildflowers were out in spectacular bloom, with the entire meadow a wash of yellow and blue. I wish there was some BTS footage of me shooting the meadow shots as they'd be so funny - I was crouched amongst them like a predator stalking its prey lol!

And from start to finish, the smiles, dancing, and consistent 'laugh our way through this day' attitude really did make my job an absolute breeze with the beautiful moments needing barely any direction at all.

It was a rollercoaster though.

Later that day had me crying HARD.. I mean, I actually had a moment where I questioned myself on whether to keep shooting or whether to stop and compose myself and give everyone a minute..emotions were running SO high during those speeches and it really got me in the feels... (I kept shooting, after all, documenting the real moments as they're happening is what I DO)..the grief that washed over the room during their speeches really moved everyone - and I mean everyone - to deep belly sobs.. but as with all things in this world, all things find their balance.. you can see the yin and yang in everything if you look.. from night and day, to husband and wife, to life and death.. and one thing I’ve learned from my own grief, that I saw undeniably at this beautiful wedding on that beautiful Tuesday, is best left to the words of one of my favourite writers and philosophers, Khalil Gibran, who said of joy and sorrow:

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

And ain’t that the TRUTH. Sabrina had an outfit change before the first dance to wear her dad’s suit, and she went into a spontaneous dance solo infront of everyone when something went wrong with the music - testament to the fact that absolutely nothing can ruin your moment if you don't let it! She raised the roof and partied harder than any wedding I’ve attended to date, and given that since this wedding I've shot 50 other spectacular weddings, that REALLY is saying something. ❤️ #weddinggoals for sure 🙌🏻

Scroll right to the bottom to see the reel of this big day that's gone viral on on my instagram profile - and if you're not following me there yet, please do! Those IG algorithms are hard work at the best of times, but so many of you find me there so clearly every little helps there!

P.S - I can now confirm, after this wedding, that men don't wear underwear under those kilts....

The Wedding Morning

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