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Thanks for registering your interest in the next Wilde Workshop! Some real magic is in the works, so stay tuned!

Wilde Workshops - Inspirational, aspirational, and at the same time giving you the real world skills to curate the most spectacular portfolio with REAL couples and REAL weddings once you head home. Learn how I do what I do and why, and find the confidence (and the content) to charge what you're worth, find the clients you deserve, and to level up your business instantly.

Mentored by me, Hannah Wilde, these workshops and retreats are an opportunity for photographers to evolve, evoke their sincerest creative voice, reach new levels as an artist, and network with some of the world's most highly esteemed wedding suppliers to build a luxury, free-spirited, game-changing portfolio. 

Destinations on the cards for 2024 onwards include everything from the streets of London to the sandy desert of Morocco; the mythical Cornish coastline in the UK and the wildes of the rugged moorlands, to the fjords of Norway, and some truly magical locations in-between. It's honestly the most inspiring and ambitious venture I've ever embarked on, and one I cannot wait to share with you all!

With a focus on high end photography, sustainability, business-growth, diversity & inclusivity, and of course artistry, we will always be working with world-class models, real couples, locations that will genuinely elevate your portfolio, and luxury venues (helping you to get your foot in the door!).


These photography retreats are crafted with YOU in mind, and will  be a chance for you to not only learn, grow, create, aspire and add some incredible shots to your portfolio, but to have an incredible adventure, make friends, push your boundaries, nurture yourself as well as your business, diversify your skill-set, and connect not only with your peers but with your self. 

Film & Digital photographers & videographers are all welcome.

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If you have any questions or direct requests, or are a supplier, venue or model that wishes to collaborate, please email me at

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