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The significance of YOU


Lets make it more than just a photoshoot on a mountain!

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What is an Elopement?

An elopement is an ever-increasingly popular wedding trend, and for good reason! It's all about YOU. Just the two of you. Escaping. Travelling. Having the time of your life together, alone or with a very tiny gathering of your closest people, focusing on the intimate and powerful union of two people, without all the bells and whistles that cause so much stress in ordinary wedding planning.

Why Elope?


For some, such as myself, it'd be a dream come true to escape your every day life, go on a far flung adventure with the love of your life, and make those vows without an audience. Imagine not worrying about family dynamics, keeping everyone happy, selecting bridesmaids and best men and page boys and flower girls and stage fright!! Imagine spending your money not on wedding favours and meals for 100 people and drinks and bunting and chair covers, and instead spending your hard earned cash on EXPERIENCES.


Go hiking, go scuba diving, go sky diving, swim with dolphins, climb mountains, or just find a white sandy beach on a desert island somewhere to drink from fresh coconuts and watch the sunset. The point is whatever you do, wherever you go, you choose it because it's authentically you. Alone. Together. With no drama. 


That's your why.  


Isn't an elopement just a photoshoot on a mountain?

In some cases, yes. But not when you choose ME as your elopement photographer. I am a true believer in your whole day being important, from start to finish, and I don't limit my time with you for that reason.


Why should your day be any less documented than a traditional wedding with hundreds of guests just because you're alone? In fact, I believe documenting your day is MORE important than your average wedding for that reason!


You won't have friends and family surrounding you all day with phones and cameras. You won't have any other way at all of capturing what will (probably) be the most memorable and meaningful day of your life together than to have me there with you, candidly, poetically and authentically ensuring your day is documented for all to see when you get home, and for you when you want to step back in time and relive those magical moments.

My style is largely candid, meaning natural, unposed and REAL. I'm as unobtrusive as possible, documenting your day rather than staging it. We can always, of course, get the incredible photoshoot editorial-style wedding photos on the top of a mountain or beneath a waterfall, but for the rest of the day I will still be there to make sure the smaller magical moments are also captured for you. Saying 'I do' isn't where your day starts and ends!

When you book me to join you for your elopement you have a friend, confidant, and knowledgeable advisor, who will be at the end of a phone for you whenever you need advice leading up to your big day. You are choosing someone who understands the ins and outs of traveling, of living basically and respecting local customs, sleeping under the stars and eating local food - whatever the setting I will be at ease, and will be solely focused on the significance of YOU and your sacred, momentous occasion, wherever we may be in the world.


What's Included?

With every Elopement package I offer, my travel, meals, possible car hire and accommodation for 2-3 nights is all rolled in. I like to arrive the day before, meet you in person if we haven't already, and scout out the locations we'll be visiting on your wedding day. Then I spend all day the next day with you, returning to my digs to sleep when it's all over, and depending on which package you book we either reunite the next day for more adventures, or I fly off home. Whatever the scenario, whatever the destination, you know that there's no added costs when you choose your wedding package with me. 


For any and every destination I also take care of my own visas and permits, unless a specific permit is needed to shoot at your wedding location that I cannot use with any other couples. 

Once I've edited your gallery, which is usually a 3-6 week delivery time maximum, you also receive an online gallery of hundreds, if not thousands, of high resolution images to view and download and share with friends and family, licensed to you for personal use worldwide and unlimited downloads.

My affinity with New Zealand

I developed a life-long love for Aotearoa (New Zealand) when I first travelled there with my parents when I was 10. We swam with dolphins and rode horses for days at a time, relaxed on incredible beaches, explored dense rainforests, went rafting down incredible white water rapids, sailed on boats, went fishing, met the most friendly and beautiful people you could ever hope to meet, and mostly, if not always, lived off grid and REAL for all of it. Ever since that moment, our love affair with New Zealand began and we moved there. 

Then we got home sick and moved back. Then we regretted that decision and moved back, this time to a different area, and this pattern of moving between the UK and NZ repeated every year or so for my entire childhood thereafter.

My parents finally settled there 12 years ago when I went off to university in London, and I finally settled on Dartmoor, England, to raise my two children, but I always hear New Zealand calling my name and ALWAYS relish an opportunity to return there.


I know it well. It knows ME well. So if you're looking for a wedding photographer who you can count on to capture your New Zealand elopement, who understands the majesty and the epic landscapes, who has connections across both islands and can offer you local knowledge with an international eye, then I am your girl!



New Zealand, January 2020

Price List

Below you'll find a slideshow of my Elopement and Destination Wedding Package Prices. You'll notice there's two prices per package - one for Europe and one for the rest of the World. This is because, given I live in the UK, flights to Europe are easily accessible, cheap, and the overall logistics are simpler for me to navigate. Worldwide locations are of course trickier to get flights, accommodation, car hire etc - and I have taken this all into account so that there'll be absolutely no chance of me surprising you with any hidden or unforeseen costs... 

If I'm already visiting a destination for any reason I'll list it above, and you're welcome to enquire and see if you can tag your wedding on to my itinerary, often saving yourself a little money given my travel will have already been covered to get me there!

Price List 2019-2020


For Destination Weddings and



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