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What is an Elopement?

What is an Elopement?

An elopement is an ever-increasingly popular wedding trend, and for good reason! It's all about YOU. Just the two of you. Escaping. Embracing romance in every sense of the word. Having the time of your life together, alone or with a very small gathering of your closest people, focusing on the intimate and powerful union of two people, saying 'I do' to forever, without all the bells and whistles and politics that cause so much stress in ordinary wedding planning. And the best part is you can do it anywhere, in any style that suits you - from a chic London elopement all on black and white film to the craggy cliffs of Cornwall, from the mountains of Scotland to the streets of Paris - wherever you go for your elopement will be a cinematic adventure.


Why Elope?

Why Elope?

The key reasons I seem to come across are simple: for freedom, for simplicity, and for your bank balance!


Some, such as myself, and perhaps you, also feel it'd be a dream come true to escape your every day life, go on a far flung adventure with the love of your life, and make those vows without an audience, in a far more intimate expression of devotion than your average wedding. Imagine not worrying about family dynamics, keeping everyone happy, selecting bridesmaids and best men and page boys and flower girls and stage fright, or having to stick to restrictions imposed by venue schedules or large caterers, and instead getting to have fun in ways you can't usually make time for during a more conventional wedding day! Imagine spending your money not on wedding favours and meals for 100 people and drinks and bunting and chair covers, but on EXPERIENCES.


Worldwide now it seems there's a very welcome shift occurring, with people leaning away from consumerism and materialism, and instead leaning towards sustainability and making memories, and with that is coming a definite rise in elopement weddings. Whether you choose luxury, a private chef and 5 star pampering, or you choose an adventure, a sunset skinny-dip, or a picnic, the beauty of it all is that you've done it entirely as you want it to be, for yourselves - just don't forget your photographer so that you can show all your loved ones later!

Thankfully, for those of you interested in taking the leap and deciding to go for it, I am extremely well placed on Dartmoor, in the midst of the beautiful South West, UK, and can recommend locations big and small, high and low, to fit every dream, and I have celebrants and suppliers galore, all ready and willing to go the extra mile for your intimate, wild and wonderful wedding day, where you are no longer dictated to and you can put YOU and your marriage back in the spotlight.

Why Choose Me?

Isn't an elopement just a photoshoot on a mountain?

In some cases, yes. But not when you choose ME as your elopement photographer. I am a true believer in your whole day being important, from start to finish, and I don't limit my time with you for that reason.


Why should your day be any less documented than a traditional wedding with hundreds of guests just because you're alone? In fact, I believe documenting your day is MORE important than your average wedding for that very reason! In fact, I'd say elopements are actually far more demanding on me, but in different ways. 


You won't have friends and family surrounding you all day with phones and cameras. You won't have any other way at all of capturing what will (probably) be the most memorable and meaningful day of your life together than to have me there with you, candidly, poetically and authentically ensuring your day is documented for all to see when you get home, and for you when you want to step back in time and relive those magical moments.

My style is largely candid, meaning natural, unposed and REAL. I'm as unobtrusive as possible, documenting your day rather than staging it. We can always, of course, get the incredible staged editorial-style wedding photos in the city streets, on the top of a mountain (or Tor, given Dartmoor is my playground!) or beneath a waterfall, in the sea, or in the ruins of a castle (or anywhere else you're thinking of!), but for the rest of the day I will still be there to make sure the smaller magical moments are also captured for you. Saying 'I do' isn't where your day starts and ends!

 I work harder than ever, as your main 'professional' on hand all day, and for me it's all about making your day relaxed and special for you both without the trials and tribulations of planning a big wedding - or navigating some ever increasingly crazy coronavirus 'wedding rules'.

When you book me to join you for your elopement, wherever it may be in the world, you have a friend, confidant, and knowledgeable advisor, who will be at the end of a phone for you whenever you need advice leading up to your big day, and who will have the experience necessary to handle any eventuality on the day too. I'm as comfortable and accustomed to the Ritz as I am to roughing it, and if you're seeking some real rustic adventure then you are also choosing someone who understands the ins and outs of traveling, of living naturally and respecting local customs, sleeping under the stars and eating local food. Whatever the setting I will be at ease, and will be solely focused on the significance of YOU and your sacred, momentous occasion.


What's Included?

What's Included?

Everything you get with a normal wedding, plus so much more. It's very likely I'll be your only 'professional' on scene with you all day, so I tend to take on a lot more, acting as wedding coordinator, event planner, personal assistant, witness, and lord knows what else hehe! I can even act as full wedding planner at times too, offering all the best local knowledge, supplier recommendations and even build you an all inclusive package if that takes the stress off a bit. Equally, I can do absolutely nothing beyond take photos, so the beauty of an elopement is the total freedom we have to work out a price, and a package, that works perfectly for you, without the usual constraints of a larger wedding. 


As an absolute minimum of course all elopements will include an online gallery to download and share with friends and family worldwide. 

Please enquire directly for a personalised quote.

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