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Solstice Sunrise Shoot

A perfect sunrise for Bobby and Billie's engagements shoot in Teignmouth, Devon, UK.

Well... that was worth the 3.30am wake up! Genius that I am decided at 9pm the night before to arrange a spontaneous sunrise beach shoot for Bobby and Billie at Teignmouth Pier, a spot I’ve wanted to shoot for aaaaages, only to realise it is also the Solstice - literally the longest day of the year...! 😂

I am not a morning person at the best of times and a 4.58am sunrise had me wondering whether to just stay up the night before, but actually it wasn’t hard at all (probably because my kids were so excited to be coming too that they were waking me up every 15 minutes from 2am asking if it’s time to go yet 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄😂 They were more excited about a sunrise adventure than they were about Christmas 😂).

Cloud was forecast so I was a little nervous that we wouldnt see a sunrise at all, but I am never one to lose faith, I always say it always works out perfectly if you just go for it, and I was prepared for a blue hour shoot rather than sun, but as I arrived in teignmouth the sky lit up red and fluorescent pink - a more stunning colour show I haven’t seen since I lived in New Zealand! - and so I ran full pelt down the promenade with my camera squealing with joy and found Bobby and Billie ready and already with my wonderful assistant Lauren beneath the pier.

We said hello and had a hug and then lost no time getting to work because the colours were evolving every few seconds and I didn’t want to miss any of this beauty!! They said they were a little nervous, so I smiled and said not to worry, I’d soon get them past that, and sent them running into the sunrise, holding hands along the water‘s edge.

A few kisses and pick ups and spins and twirls later, and the most ridiculously perfect sunrise we ever could have hoped for, and we were all buzzing..

I’d wanted to shoot beneath that pier for a long time so didn’t want to get too carried away with the sun and forget the pier..! We got a few beauties under there and then had to go back to sunrise magic purely because it wasn‘t holding back at all with the ridiculous colour show!!

The night before this shoot Bobby and I had talked about them going in the sea and said they probably would (awesome 🙌😎), but this morning, despite being a mild summery 15 degrees, the wind was strong and cold af, and we were all quite cold and I was already so satisfied with the shoot that for once I didn’t encourage a swim.. but Bobby had other ideas 😝 He asked if we were on the last pics now and I said yes, so he turned, stripped off his shirt, put Billie over his shoulder and took her straight into the waves 😂 I don’t think they actually intended to fall headfirst into the sea, but hey, it was brilliant so let’s pretend they did 😅 Absolute LEGENDS!!! And as always - the most fun, no-holds-barred and wild at heart couples make for the most incredible and magical vibes full of freedom and joy and high spirits!!

Billie and Bobby’s pre-wedding connection shoot (I think connection shoot sounds more appropriate than engagement shoot right?) couldnt have been more incredible to be perfectly honest. I checked the time and realised we had only been 22 minutes - the most successful and productive 22 minutes EVER without a doubt. They dried off and warmed up with some snuggles, I laughed with Lauren about how we’d both almost fallen in ourselves and were both now soaked to our mid thighs (but we dont have to talk about that haha) and the sun popped behind the clouds and was gone. It was done. 22 minutes of absolute heaven. 🙌🏻

A perfect way to welcome in the Summer Solstice.

A sunrise shoot beneath the pier. Vintage vibes for dayyyyyssss. A morning swim in the sunrise on Solstice morning. Dreamy Devon engagement shoot. Connection Shoot Goals. Best Engagement Shoot EVER. A moment in time with the most perfect sunrise ever seen and the most adventurous couple I could‘ve hoped for. I mean, however you tag this, it doesn’t really do it justice or even begin to explain it. Just scroll the photos and I’ll let them do the talking. 😉

If this was any indication of their wedding to come, then it’s safe to say that it’s going to be a dreamy picture perfect showstopper straight from the wedding gods themselves!!

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