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Wedding photography is perhaps the most challenging and diverse type of photography there is, with every wedding day calling on you to be spontaneous, and to work with rapidly changing scenes, indoors, outdoors, various lighting, various skin tones and hugely diverse and uncontrollable weather conditions - and colour grading your work to ensure your galleries look consistent is a real challenge. 


That's why I've decided to release a series of 8 colour and 2 black and white Lightroom presets that I consider  "Wedding Essentials" - specifically tailored for wedding photography, and encompassing the most likely (and most challenging) scenario's you will encounter during a typical wedding season as a wedding photographer. 


These presets are what I do all my work from, and have been developed from scratch by me over the years, evolving with time and experience, to give me - and now YOU - the framework for creating a gallery of Kodak inspired analogue photography vibes that my clients LOVE. 


From the challenges of midday sun, to golden hour, dark dance-floors and sparkler shots, this set of Lightroom Presets will be a real timesaver, and hopefully teacher, for those of you seeking to edit swiftly and beautifully.


As with all presets - there's no 'one size fits all' editing style out there - and every preset will need to be tweaked here and there to bring out the best in your image - but they've all been created in such a way as they're applicable to numerous situations, not just the one's they say they're for, so have a go at applying them all across your various images and see which ones you love - you may be surprised!


I've also included a 20 minute video tutorial especially for you*, not only showing you how to get started with importing the presets themselves but also giving you an exclusive look at how I edit my work, and talking you through the basics of colour grading various scenes with these exact presets.


*Please note the tutorial shows me working on my MacBook - and I use Lightroom CC - not Lightroom Classic, but the basic premise will be the same across all systems.

"Wedding Essentials" - Lightroom Presets

£150.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
    • 8 Colour Lightroom Presets  
    • 2 Black and White Lightroom Presets.
    • 20 minute video tutorial and educational video
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