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Pablo & Rebecca - A DIY handfasting in a field on the edge of Dartmoor

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A boho dream rustic wedding in Devon, with wildflowers, horses, sparklers, sunshine and storm clouds - this was one I'll never forget.

Rebecca and Pablo were married in her mother's field, and their big day is testament that you can make true magic happen with even the lowest of budgets. With the most beautiful of stripped-back rustic boho vibes, and competing with 49 other weddings from 2022, it's a stand out favourite for me without shadow of a doubt for numerous reasons. From their wedding arch made of branches, to their hay bale seats and bohemian wedding dress from Willowby Watters, through to the understated humble romanticism and the insane light that the impending rain clouds cast as sunset on Avon Dam, when I think of the perfect day, I am bombarded with a catalogue of images flicking before my eyes, and all are of this day.

Rebecca's wedding prep happened in a little Devon village nearby, and for me as a mother was a beautiful nod to motherhood as well as to sheer bridal beauty. After which it was straight on to the fields nearby to marry Pablo, with the wonderful "Celebrant in Cornwall" Lisa leading their hand ceremony, where we were all surprised with a horse and carriage ("Dartmoor Carriages") arranged by Rebecca's mother, and the most beautiful whimsical floral arrangements by "Holly Bee Flowers"!

The symbolism of Rebecca's mum blowing the dandelion, making a wish, at the start of the confetti exit was completely unplanned and totally captivated me.

The reception was held in a marquee in the same field, and after the ceremony we did a very unplanned little photoshoot with the horse, which I was ecstatic about as I'm sure you can understand lol!!

Then later on we took a trip up the road to Avon Dam, hoping for a sunset but getting something even better - a storm looming. The light was incredible, and it felt like the heavens were giving a little show for us in honour of their special day - a day that was a long time coming after being postponed because of covid lockdowns, and a day that many feared might not come when Pablo was diagnosed years and years ago with a stage 4 brain tumour - of which he has defied all expert prognosis and is thankfully still here, married and making children, and still able to walk to the top of a very steep hill for these photos!

Then it was back to fire pits, sparklers, music, some group photos we'd postponed for a while, dancing and so SO much joy and celebratory high vibes that I ended up staying till midnight to catch it all.

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