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Hayley and Richard - Nancarrow Farm

Even torrential rain couldn't put a damper on this magical September Wedding at the spectacularly rustic and magical Nancarrow Farm.

This blog post is a BIG one - but I wanted to show you exactly what you can expect from a full day's coverage, picking out some of the key moments throughout a wedding day so you get a feel for how a wedding day tends to flow. You'll see photos from wedding prep right through to first dance and sparkler exit, so keep scrolling! Nancarrow Farm is one of my favourite places to shoot a wedding in Devon and Cornwall these days, so when Hayley and Richard booked me for their September wedding I couldn't be happier.

The morning was very relaxed and began in the cosy and rustic oak framed bridal suite, with Hayley and her bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done while the rain poured, champagne flowed, and smiles glowed. (I know, sounds lame, but it's true! See for yourself!)


Then it was off - under numerous umbrellas - across the yard to the Wedding Barn, where Richard was waiting with his best man, and guests were already seated. I must say, the staff at Nancarrow really did go the extra mile this day with everyone carrying umbrellas for the bridal party - and even for me, so I could shoot without getting my gear soaked! If there was an award for wettest wedding of 2022 I think this one would take it - and in some venues it would have been disastrous - but the team at Nancarrow were so amazing that the rain didn't detract from the wedding at ALL in my opinion...! THE CEREMONY

Following on from their beautiful wedding ceremony, and despite the rain, Hayley wanted to do the confetti throw outside so they exited the barn, doubled back around the back and waited for all their guests to exit and make a line under umbrellas for their confetti moment... confetti in the rain really is a romantic twist!


Then it was on to the Champagne reception, where guests mingled and Hayley and Richard got their first look at the barn set up for their banquet-style Wedding Breakfast, before I took them off to their glasshouse for a botanical portrait session - partly to stay dry, and partly because I'm a huge fan of greenhouses!



We then had a little break in the weather so made the most of it by getting some speedy group shots done before everyone sat down for the reception. I like to keep the group photo sessions as relaxed, 'casual' and swift as I can - with each group shot taking around 3-4 minutes to corral everyone and get everyone looking at me, so we keep those lists as short as the bride and groom can. Thankfully Hayley and Richard's lot were very relaxed and happy to giggle for me without looking at me like I'm a crazy person ;-)


The reception began with speeches, and then went in to a ridiculously delicious feast - in all honesty, the food at Nancarrow is the best I've tasted anywhere, ever, and while they ate I took a little break to recharge my energy for what I consider 'part two' of the wedding day - the evening! Keep scrolling down for more!


The evening began with several garden games that Hayley and Richard's carpenter friend made for them - and which kept everyone in high spirits (that and the bar of course!) until the first dance and live band later...



The final 'event' of the day was the sparkler exit! We got so lucky that the rain stopped for 10 minutes, and we rushed to get ready and get everyone lined up while we could! They're some of my favourite sparkler photos to date - taken at dusk rather than pitch black, which personally I prefer way more to total darkness. And then it was a wrap - I was off home and they partied well into the night I'm sure! Such an awesome day - thank you so much Hayley and Richard for having me, and to Nancarrow Farm for being so wonderful to me too!

Venue: Nancarrow Farm

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