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Exciting News! Wilde Studios Presets Are Here!!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Exciting News! I'm now selling my very own individually designed Lightroom Presets, and they even come with a 20 minute video tutorial and detailed look at my editing process, including split toning, for any budding (or well established) photographers out there looking to expand their style and understand exactly what my settings are for achieving that 'looks like film' vibe I'm becoming so sought after for.

For just £75 you'll find out EXACTLY how I edited this image - and 9 others - and be able to apply those settings to your own photos in Adobe Lightroom. They really are the best Lightroom presets available for wedding photographers - read on to find out why!

There are literally millions of Lightroom presets out there - trust me, I bought a lot of them when I started years ago - and almost all of them are genuinely a load of rubbish. No real world applicability, no diversity at all, all made en masse by huge businesses that can get well known purely because of how much they can pay for advertising and NOT because of genuinely useable and helpful presets - and often the 'before' images are even edited to make them look significantly worse than they were to impress you with the 'after' examples. It's an industry-wide con, a corporate quagmire that isn't benefiting real photographers in most cases, and I despise it. But I DO use presets - it's just that they're MY OWN. They're ones that I've honed over hundreds of weddings, that I used as my basis for every gallery. And so I got to thinking.. and decided it may be worth my while to TRY and help us all here by releasing the exact ones I use. I'm not at all possessive of competitive - a lot of people I know have been horrified that I'd give away my photography editing 'secrets' - and I just want to HELP my fellow photographers as best I can - there are definitely enough weddings for us all, and the better we all get at our craft, the better for everyone.

That's why you can trust that these Wilde Studios Presets are tailored specifically for wedding photographers and crafted for each and every challenging but common wedding scenario you're likely to encounter in a typical wedding season, saving you hours upon hours (trust me) of fiddling around to find the right settings to create a consistent and beautiful gallery for your clients, and if you're anything like me - also teaching you how to do it yourself as you study the settings and develop your own unique twist on my 'Kodak' style. With presets for the dreaded midday sun, woodland shade and dappled light, blue hour, sparklers, and dark dance floors with no flash - the whole hope is that these presets will ensure that you'll be able to deliver gallery upon gallery of consistently colour graded work - these are my very own presets - the ones I made and use every day - so I can absolutely guarantee that they're awesome and that regardless of the scenario, you'll be able to do the slightest tweaks to achieve vibrant colours, earthy tones, true skin tones, and a cinematic vibe every time.

Check them out now here 🙂 and Happy New Year!

P.S For all my wedding clients, it’s worth a look as you’ll see 10 before and after examples of my work and see exactly why I always say the real magic and the signature style you choose me for, happens in editing!! I hope you're all well! Stay tuned for more weddings, new ventures and even some boudoir photography coming soon!

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