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Elly and Sam - Lusty Glaze

Bohemian Beach Wedding - and absolute #weddinggoals if you ask me! This is still up there as one of my all time favourites, without shadow of a doubt - not just because of how insanely beautiful everything and everyone was, but because of how kind and welcoming everyone was - and that I landed some of the guests as clients for a future wedding (Chloe and Ben, who I'll blog here soon)! Trust me when I say if you're after some barefoot bride golden hour sunset magic on a beach - this is worth the scroll!

Elly and Sam got married at the sublime Lusty Glaze in Cornwall, looking like they stepped straight out of a magazine with Elly's super chic Luna Bride two piece and fedora, bare feet, surf girl vibes, and Sam's super relaxed boho groom vibe - the whole day was basically a VIBE lol.. It was that good that I am genuinely struggling to find words haha! With Lusty Glaze's private beach taking centre stage for much of the afternoon after a stormy morning cleared into a stunning afternoon, the resulting sunset quite literally took my breath away (scroll to the end for THAT amazingness!).

I was hired to shoot film and photography for this one, so Lauren came along as my camerawoman for the day and together we had an absolute blast from start to finish, getting to know all of the guests, laughing and dancing and crying happy tears with them all - the LOVE was tangible at this wedding.


As Elly arrived at Lusty Glaze, Sam was waiting nervously by the aisle, and after a short wait the ceremony began. Sam couldn't contain himself bless him, crying as soon as he saw her, and they were kissing as soon as she reached him (and pretty much couldn't keep their hands off each other for the rest of the day hehe).


Then it was straight out into confetti on the beach, as the storm had started to clear and we finally had some sunshine!!


While everyone enjoyed some canapés and drinks and the musician played, I took Elly and Sam off to have some portraits down near the sea... and, well... see for yourself how free and happy these two were to finally be husband and wife, dancing in the sand...


After everyone was sufficiently tired from fun in the sun, the kids were ready for food and naps and the adults ready to eat and get the party started, the Reception began, followed by food, much drinking, many fake tattoos, and lots more smiles and laughter.


This really was the day that just kept on giving, with everyone heading back outside once the food was eaten, to enjoy a simply PERFECT summer's evening on the beach, with a sunset that had me doing little happy dances all evening long. Given how the morning started with thick clouds, rain and stormy seas - this felt nothing short of a miracle!

Elly and Sam decided to indulge my 'lets see how much fun we can have in one day' challenge and popped a bottle of Prosecco - directly in poor Elly's face...! Thankfully she was such a chilled bride that even this didn't faze her - or ruin her vibe for that matter!



Somewhere in-between the reception and the sunset and total darkness, there was also the cake cut, first dance, and MUCH dancing long into the night. I loved how free flowing this day was - the ability to be spontaneous and run in and out for whatever sunlight show was happening outside was a real treat for me.

Many espresso martini's were consumed later too - which is always a sign of a good wedding IMO ;-).

What. A. Day.


To see their Wedding Video click here.

Wedding Dress: Luna Bride

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