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Rosanna and Ben - A Rainy English Country Wedding in Devon

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

About as quintessentially English and cinematic as it gets, this summer wedding in the Devon countryside has taken a while to make to to my blog purely because since then I simply haven't stopped shooting weddings..! But on this wet and windy January night I am sat by my fire, with the rain pounding on my tin roof, harking back to a much warmer but equally rainy July day in 2021, when Ben and Rosanna held an elegant country wedding in Devon.

Bride and groom standing beside an estuary with horse and carriage, in the rain, in Devon, in the grounds where Sense and Sensibility was filmed.
Ben and Rosanna in the grounds where Sense and Sensibility was filmed - showing that a little rain is a blessing on their incredibly romantic wedding day.

After their beautiful church ceremony, and as the heavens opened, we went on an adventure by horse and carriage through the private estate where Sense and Sensibility was filmed - and recreated all the period drama vibes to the sound of the rain. This was followed by a marquee reception in their fields, with their horses and their loved ones, and was particularly emotional because Covid had prevented Ben's best man from making the wedding. I definitely don't miss those days, that's for sure. How lucky we are that LOVE WINS, and weddings prevailed, as did everyone's desire more than ever to have them captured professionally!

So here are my fave pics from the day - I hope you like them too! And here's to embracing whatever the weather throws at you - because clearly, even though it's not what people tend to think of when they imagine their wedding - a rainy wedding is always a beautiful opportunity to make some magic happen!

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