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"Honestly, these photos are INSANE! Such a talented team. We are sat in the cafe crying."

Becky, 2022 Bride

Hey there!

I'm Hannah.  I'm a full time wedding photographer, originally from London and currently living and loving in wild and magical Devon, England, with my two girls. I've been at this photography thing since I was very young, and I'm eternally obsessed with storytelling, cinema and nostalgia - leading me into film photography and super 8 reels on top of my usual digital photography packages. 


Travel has always been central to my life, growing up between here and New Zealand and everywhere in between, the nomadic lifestyle has always been second nature to me. My full time gig involves documenting the weddings of wildly-in-love and adventurous couples all over the UK, from chic London elopements to wild beaches and rocky moorlands, it's been a constant adventure - but as of 2023 I'm also accepting Destination Weddings, with my favourite places to spend every spare minute now being Scandinavia and the incredible Morocco - so if you're looking for a wild Norwegian elopement or wondering how best to find a wedding photographer in Marrakech, I'm your girl!


I absolutely LOVE love, romance and, of course, weddings - not just for the raw emotions of the day but for the fact it allows me to blend editorial & fashion photography with reportage & photojournalism, fine art portraits, landscape, still life - and now travel too... it literally has it all, and it's so out of my control in terms of styling, lighting and scenarios that it keeps me on my toes creatively and means all my work is fresh, spontaneous and uniquely yours. 

Ready to find out more about what I have to offer? Click here now!

P.S I'm now also leading my own photography workshops - 'Wilde Workshops' - so if you're a photographer wanting to learn, create and have some adventures with me, click the 'for photographers' section 

Me, aged 2
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