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B O U D O I R  


Boudoir Photography is my absolute favourite genre of photography I think... These sessions have it all for me - intimacy, vulnerability, softness, strength, empowerment, self-love and body positivity, artistry and creativity - these sessions inspire it all. 

Usually shot in the nude, nearly nude, or lingerie, despite 'boudoir' meaning 'bedroom', these photoshoots simply mean intimate and beautiful, and can take place anywhere you like. I often find myself shooting Bridal Boudoir on the morning of a wedding whenever a Bride requests it, but I also am always willing to arrange photoshoots elsewhere.

Sessions start at £600 - enquire above for more information.




My Boudoir sessions are tasteful, discreet, confidence-building, and approach you delicately, artistically, and gently. They can be shot on location, or later this year will be able to be held in my own studio (fingers crossed!) - and given how popular these shoots are my books are now open for booking in advance. 


They don't have to be explicit, although they can be so long as it's tasteful - at the end of the day, I am looking to exemplify art and the human form here - not create p*rn. The goal is simply to capture the essence of your incredible human form - to be suggestive, or entirely unabashed, is a decision that hinges on who YOU are and how you feel on the day, and my own creative eye.

I am under no illusions about how intimidating it feels for most people to even consider this shoot. I am humbled every time that my clients place so much faith in me - and I guarantee I'll have you laughing and relaxed in no time, and that the photos you'll receive will be one's you LOVE, and that move you and make you realise how truly beautiful you are, and always have been.

My style is, as with all my other work, earthy, lit naturally, and focused on emotions, textures, movement, laughter, and the dance of light and shadow. I can, however, shoot light and airy shots too and I'm always open to ideas if you have something specific in mind. 


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and truly, I always think my clients are stunning and I think that shows in my work. The WAY I see you, is with a compassion and forgiveness that I think many of us lack for our own selves. I love the untold stories that wrinkles, rolls and stretch marks are begging to be asked about.


It's a travesty - we hide so much of ourselves through various shades of shame imposed on us by society, all of us growing up in a world that taught us 'beautiful' is one specific dress size; that taught us we should look a certain way and reveal ourselves only when we are perceived as perfect. Perfect isn't a thing. Trust me. I have seen hundreds of naked women in my time as a photographer, all ages, all sizes, all races and and can categorically confirm that absolutely every body looks different, perfection is computer generated and every body is beautiful in its own right. It's a fact that I wish my younger self had known, and it's one I'm invested in ensuring all the women - and men - around me discover as soon as possible, because the freedom and self love that comes with this knowledge is life altering.

That's what my sessions are about. Not recreating a version of beauty you think you should be - but capturing YOU, beautifully and intimately, without judgment.


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