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Love is NOT cancelled! Sidestep the restrictions most weddings are constricted by, and choose a wild Handfasting, a romantic secluded weekend miles from civilisation, and a team of world class suppliers committed to Letting Love Win! 


A note from me to you...

This has been a hard year for us all, and if you're reading this because your big day has been postponed then you have my most sincere condolences. But I offer, I hope, some HOPE, and lord, don't we all need that right now!


Here on Dartmoor over my years of being a wedding photographer covering the whole South West, I've developed a close-knit network of world-class wedding suppliers and local talents, all of whom have kindly come together to create a truly incredible elopement package for those of you who can't or won't tolerate repeatedly re-scheduling your big day. 

To those of us involved with this package, your union, your promises of commitment, your vows, your love story - they are ESSENTIAL. That is why I feel the current insistence that weddings be restricted is heartless, and weddings that have gone ahead where everyone is masked are painfully sad and lacking in soul, and those that know me know I am ALL about the heart and soul. I have consoled brides and grooms all year long, calling me en masse desperately stressed and distressed at having to postpone repeatedly, having to find new suppliers, having to find new venues, the list goes on and on.


Sadly, the effect of these lockdowns has been - and continues to be - absolutely disastrous for many many suppliers nationwide, with many even going out of business. At the very best, we have all lost at least one year's wages, and many of us are longing for common sense, logic, and sovereignty of responsibility and thought to prevail - but for that to happen takes courage on all sides.

understand that eloping may not be to everyone's taste. To many they want their big day to be BIG, and to share it with hundreds of their friends and family, and they have my full support to do so, but for many out there, myself included, their wedding day is about YOU, the two of you, standing face to face in sacred communion, be it legally binding or not, and promising to love one another forever, from this day forward - with nothing and no one stopping you! Plus, the smaller you go, the more money you have left to plan for things like excursions, adventures, and even things like private helicopter charter - which I can arrange for you, hassle free!

Ultimately, the freedom that an elopement gives the two of you is astounding. Even in the midst of weddings being banned, traditional Handfastings can of course continue, and the legality of the promises you've made can be set in stone at a later date with a quick trip to a registry office if you want to..! That said, if you want a legal ceremony during your elopement and the restrictions allow it - then we have a venue here with several licensed areas, for no extra cost. Either way, I can can arrange a live feed for your nearest and dearest if you like, or we can just document it with the most incredible and poetic candid wedding photography, courtesy of course by me!

Should you wish to expand your elopement to an "intimate wedding" adhering to the 15 guests limit currently placed on wedding ceremonies and receptions, I can tailor this elopement package to larger guest numbers, with exclusive venue hire for 3 days, at minimal extra cost and entirely stress free for you. In fact, any ideas you have, I'm here to do my best to make it happen for you!

Another really cool aspect of these elopements and intimate weddings which I hope you'll appreciate is that I've kept everything sustainable, local, environmentally friendly, real, and even organic and homegrown as much as possible. As a vegan myself I also realise that finding suppliers who embrace that ethos is hard, so I wanted to ensure there's an option available for all of those of you who want to choose a plant-based or vegan menu for your private dining experience, and to feel comfortable and welcome when booking with me. Equally, and it should go without saying but I know it actually sadly doesn't always - ALL ARE WELCOME. 


Lastly, the great thing about these packages, now more than ever, is that my local knowledge and industry experience means there'll be no dramas, no double bookings, no loss of key suppliers, and no stress for you, and right now I feel like that is more important than ever! Enough is enough, take a moment, breathe, choose freedom and romance and LOVE, put your special day in my very safe and responsible hands, and you are guaranteed a beautifully captured weekend away to show friends and family back home, whilst embracing your truth, with a break away where day of love and union is essential, honoured and memorable for all the right reasons...

Hannah Wilde xxx


Where is Dartmoor?

The majestic heart of the South West, Dartmoor is an untapped gem of rugged outcrops known as Tors, ancient stone circles, grasslands, rivers, hidden woodlands with twisted ancient oak trees, pixie glens, wild ponies, longhorns, moss, magic and ruins.

Only 20 minutes from Exeter, Dartmoor National Park covers a huge expanse of Devon (368sq miles to be exact!), extending to the Cornish border and, in some spots, with views extending all the way to the Cornish coast. With ancient churches, pubs, disused quarries, and miles upon miles of wild and sacred land, Dartmoor is THE spot for an incredible ceremony in the South West, and although the fact that it sits around 2000 feet above sea level makes its climate somewhat unpredictable - there is never a dull nor un-photographable day up here. To put it simply, no two days are the same, and personally I love the creativity that demands from me, and the energy it commands from my couples to find joy in every moment. 


Any time of year you'll be tossing a coin and guaranteed anything and everything from beautiful sunshine with incredible sunsets and sunrises, through to intense rain and thick mist, and usually always little wind. If you're not the adventurous sort who can roll with whatever is thrown your way, Dartmoor might not be the place for you, but if the wild and rugged scenery of other top elopement destinations such as the Isle of Skye, Isle of Jura, or Ireland appeal to you, then consider Dartmoor your English equivalent that, till now, has been strangely entirely overlooked.


Handfasting in the wild or registrar...

White Dresses
Personal Shopping

Access to world class wedding dresses and suits, from top suppliers (cost of clothing not included).

Private Excursions

As wild as you can imagine, we will make it happen. Private helicopter charter even available!


Optional entertainment for the evening, from a private DJ or live band!

Vip Ride

Car hire for the weekend, or private transport for the duration of your stay.


Full day coverage by me, of course :-)

Private Dining

Your own private chef, vegan menu available on request!


Small rustic/bohho wedding cake


Two nights' self catering accommodation on Dartmoor


Stunning bridal bouquet & button Hole. 


Rustic, romantic, bohemian wedding styling taken care of.

Pet Friendly

Why not let your ring bearer be your best friend? Dogs welcome!

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