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Hi there! So you want to know about me huh? That's quite the Pandora's box you know...! But I'll try to not ramble on for pages upon pages...


So, I'm Hannah Wilde. Wedding and Elopement Photography is my passion. But I also have a very powerful love affair with traveling, people watching, exploring new lands, eating new foods, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and continually expanding my horizons both spiritually and physically.

My parents live in New Zealand where I spent half my childhood. I love it there, but Dartmoor became my home for several reasons that I won't go into right now... I grew up far and wide, living life to the fullest, dancing on starlit beaches, exploring rainforests, rafting on crazy rivers, fishing and often living in very raw, off-grid ways. That said, I'm also very much at home in luxury hotels, so I'm not a picky girl! Wherever I am I make it my home, even if for a few days, and I guess that's how I live my life - day to day, moment to moment. In fact, that's what helps me spot the beauty in the little things, capture the details that largely go unnoticed, and document wedding days for couples in a way that is truly and uniquely theirs.  


The important bits are that wherever I am I'm smiling, enthusiastic and friendly. I love being around people, I thrive near water and fire - so campfires on the beach are my heaven! - and I'm not afraid to be adventurous and spontaneous. I'm also not averse to a gin and tonic or good glass of wine, and I'm a real foodie at heart although I try very hard to keep it healthy...! 

I'll be 30 this year, and I go into my 30's with one nasty divorce (long story!), two beautiful children (Clara, 6, and Savannah, 3), one cat (Floki), one car, one boyfriend, one cottage on Dartmoor, and one budding and exciting wedding photography business to my name! Not bad... :-)

I think a blog post is probably a good idea to truly bare my soul to you all, so I'll leave this here and add a few old pics for your entertainment.

I hope to meet you one day soon!

Hannah x

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